Abedi Lartey

The Head of State Award scheme also known as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award became a topic of discussion during my job interview instead of the panel asking questions about my field of study. I got the job after explaining everything about the Award. I realized the Award scheme diverted their attention listening to me they realized I was the best person for the job. I have never disappointed the panel. Currently I am multi tasking in 4 different departments ie. doing the job of 4 people without them noticing any void since the substantive staff went on retirement.

I am now a proud Award Leader who have trained more than 500 young people to participate in the Award and are doing very well in life. Had it not been the Award programme most of them will be on the street, involved in crime activities an so on, but thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh for the dream he had many which did not remain in his pillow but rather have come into reality to shape up the lives of young venerable young people's all over the world. THE LEGACY OF THIS GREAT MAN IN OUR TIME LEAVES ON. THANKS TO THE AWARD. May his continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord.