Adrija Chatterjee

When I started my Award journey it was very crucial and important time of my life. It was 2006. After completing my schooling I had to stop my studies due to financial crisis and had been wandering different places for shelter and food.

After five years of tremendous struggle I came in contact with Sri R. Bhita (Institution of computer and Spoken English learning) where I first heard about the Award. But I had lots of questions in my mind, will the Award give me money? will the Award give me shelter? As I needed desperately those things, I was the only bread earner of my family.

Anyhow I enrolled myself in the Award journey and doing each and every sections of the Award I was building confidence among myself and started earning by teaching computer. (Computer learning was my skill and later it became my profession) I received Gold Award in the year 2009 from the honorable Vice President of India MD. Hamid Ansari. After that I started my Award journey as an awardee. I was nominated one of the representative from India in the Gold Event, 2014, South Korea.

Participation in the Gold Event changed my life. After coming from there I started to work with the young girls of remote villages in India. Up to 2018 I continued my work and more than 200 young awardees were inspired and did their award under my leadership. Now I am focusing on my studies and that was also inspired by Award. We know Social Service is another important section of Award. I have just completed my 1st year master degree in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University with 70% and pursuing my second year. Doing adventure I came in contact with a person who is a mountaineer and got married on 28th February, 2021.

I wish to work with young people in different aspects in future after completing my final year of studies. My life is incomplete without Award. I am grateful to each and every member of Award family who inspired me in different ways. Hope Award will remember me too.