Agatha Cumberbatch

Inspiration and influence......a snapshot of my work life in the Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs 1974 through 1992.

I was officially appointed Government Hostess, in 1974 due to my performance as a hospitality officer during the Independence celebrations of 1973. I was later promoted to Senior Government Hostess and Chief Executive Officer, in the Protocol Division with administrative duties, including the preparation of Formal Instruments of Accreditation for the Presentation of Credentials. Recognition procedure relating to appointments of Foreign Diplomatic/Consular Heads of Mission including Formal Submissions to Her Majesty the Queen.
In preparation for my appointment my training was overseen by Dean Leslie Weatherhead of Christ Church Cathedral via the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Programme, through the Institute of Domestic Arts London. The course curriculum included certification in Interior Decoration, Flower Arranging and Etiquette and Entertaining.

My Career Path was initially designed and based on the American model of the Office of the florist, established in the White house by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, to create an environment of floral diplomacy relative to an environment of welcome.
In this regard I wish to express my gratitude to the Programme for affording me the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to meet, greet and interact with Royalty and Diplomats accredited to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.