Alex Gansen

The most memorable moment of my Duke of Edinburgh award journey was definitely the expedition for my gold award. It was actually a two week long project where people from 8 different countries first came for one week to Luxembourg before we all went to Malta for the second part of the project. As a Luxembourger it was an exceptional opportunity to show people from so many different countries our small country. Compared to Malta, Luxembourg was even the biggest of the two countries, something that doesn't happen very often :)
It is always surprising how quickly people that never met before from so many different cultural background become so close friends in such a short time. The saddest part unfortunately is often also part of the final expedition when you need to say goodbye to the amazing people you spent a short, but very intense and unforgettable time together.
Now, as part of the national expedition team I give my best to encourage and help people to make the same unique experiences.

I'm very grateful for all these amazing moments, I could experience during the Duke of Edinburgh award.