Cassavaloo Lovisen Naidoo

One ramdom day, i was following my class when suddenly a group of students came and asked: " those who want to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award can give their name and we will include them in the award programme where there will be different kinds of activities including an Adventurous Journey". Giving my name to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award was one of the best act that i have done in my life, for the first time in my life i participated in such a programme whereby participants have to complete the Award with an Adventurous Journey and it was only because of the Adventurous Journey that i filled the participation form.

One fine day we were called for a meeting, there was around 15 students from my class, we went and met the award leader who made us filled the participation form and explained us about the award, that is, about the different activities, different stages and about the duration of each stage.

The bronze award went quite fast with 12 hours of service, learning skills, physical recreation, a mock Adventurous Journey and a final Adventurous Journey.

Then in the same year we started the silver award which was for a period of 6 months and we completed the final Adventurous Journey in Rodrigues.

Then came the Gold Award, again we completed the activities for a period of 6 months and we had to do a residential project of 5 days, our team chose an autistic school where we built various games and enhanced the school environment with our project, then in December again we went to Rodrigues for the Adventurous Journey, camping with your friends is one of the best thing that one can achieve in his life and i achieved that through the award.

The award lead me to get new friends and i have unforgettable memories with my friends. At the start for bronze we were around 70 students who participated, then for silver it became 17 and for gold it became 11 only!

Don't give up and participate in the award guys!!