Charlotte Pilgrim

I started taking part in Award when I was in Year 10 and it allowed me to explore more activities in Bahrain. It meant that I had to find a volunteering activity to do and I ended up coaching netball to under 7 girls at the Rugby Club. And now 4 years later I am still doing this and I love it so much, people always ask me why I still do it even though I have already received my Silver Award, and I still do this because I enjoy it. I love helping these young girls get into playing sports, even though netball isn't my main one. I love watching them continue to grow and develop when they move on from my age group. And the trips, my bronze award was in Oman and my silver award expedition was in Cyprus and I created memories with my closest friends that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.

DofE was the best decision that I ever made