David Bird

Holyrood, Edinburgh, 1964, I was 19, the latest age, at that time, by which you must have completed all the requirements for The Gold....I had hitch-hiked from my home, met my parents, who had come by train! and together proceeded to The Gold Award Ceremony. We recipients formed a single line on the field. Right on cue HRH landed his helicopter in front of us. Prince Philip alighted, shook every Achievers' hand, said a few words, then jumped back into the 'driver's' seat and disappeared into the clouds...it was magical! I hitched home later the same day; I needed to take a shift in my summer job....

Thank You Your Royal Highness for your vision in creating this wonderful Award and contributing a lifetime of memories to millions of young people........I have served The Award in Western Canada since 1976; it has been a great honour......David C. Bird