Denise Jones

I still remember 50 years on all of the activities I undertook. I achieved bronze and silver and worked towards the gold but can not remember why I didn't get it, ( I think I left home going off to Uni.) Doing the D Of E was my first taste of independence. A shy village girl very much protected by a loving mum and dad, I branched out into the world, I member the exhilaration of hiking (the freedom of the country lanes) , the herculean task of cleaning steam engines, (don't ask me why or where I don't remember) the fun of a week's camping with disadvantaged children from Southampton. (I still remember the smiles on the children's faces singing around the camp fire). The pride in being awarded my certificates in assembly in front of my grammar school, 'not so academic me' had finally achieved something! My world had changed and I wanted to aspire to more, it was just the beginning!