Dilesh Sharma Chuttoo

My journey starts in 2002, known in Mauritius at that time as NYAA, National Youth Achievement Award. I signed in as a student of Emmanuel Anquetil State Secondary School with my class mates. Supervised by our P.E Teacher and Youth Officers and the Head of our Award Unit. On my first ever Adventurous Journey I was introduced to other Award Leaders. We discovered the Black River Gorges National Park together with participants from France Boyer de la Giroday State Secondary School. As a young teenage of just 14 years old I was having fun completing the requirements of each section of the programme, I had no idea how this the Award was moulding myself in becoming a better citizen. As I continued achieving the different levels I met The Gold Award Holders' Association - Mauritius members. I met more award participants from Queen Elizabeth College and a lovely soul from BPS College. My Award journey gave me the opportunity to travel to many countries, representing The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Mauritius at international level : Gold Expedition in Dubai 2004, Mosaic of Peace Israel 2007, IGE Kenya 2011 and many more. Above all, The Award did not just give me life skills, but made me what I am today, it gave me a FAMILY. Thank you HRH Prince Philip for bringing the Award to Mauritius, I proudly wear the Global pin badge and encourage young people