Dorothy Ross

I had finished my Gold Award and was over in the UK working, when I could get my award certificate. So the Award in New Zealand put my name in for going to Buckingham Palace and I went there in May 1981, before the Palace was open to many People. There was about 600 award winners on the day, with about 2,000 People in all. We had 10 State rooms used. So we were given different times to arrive and go to our room in groups of 10 Award winners and our guests. In my room - the Throne room, there was 3 groups of us. That room was 8 weeks later used for Charles and Dianna's wedding photos. The Duke came around and talked to each group of winners.

Our certificates were given to someone in the room, then when the Duke moved to the next room. Our names were called and we were given the certificate. In my room was the Ex High Commissioner to NZ from the UK. He had been in NZ when the Queen and Duke were on a tour in the 1970's. I could remember seeing the royal party go into our Town hall where he had meet them. I had taken my Aunty from Scotland with me to the Palace, and we meet the Queens Piper, so that was interesting for us. On our way out we were able to see some of the other rooms.

I'm glad the Duke started the awards, as it is a great way for young People to learn something different. I am also glad to know Prince Edward is to carry it on. He is a blessing.