Erick Dumusi

I came to learn about the President’s Award-Kenya while in my final year of High school. After completing my high school education, I secured a chance to volunteer at the President’s Award-Kenya headquarter office in upper hill, Nairobi. While there, I managed to do a number of tasks and this exposed me to the working environment. I later on decided to join the award as an open awardee when I joined campus.

For me, my best thing about the award is how it has enabled me to push myself beyond my limit. I know for sure that I wouldn’t have been the person I am today were it not for the President’s Award. Since I was already playing the guitar and piano, I decided to challenge myself and took up the saxophone as my instrument for my skill section. I also enjoyed one of the residential projects we did at a remote place called Mashuru, Kajiado County, where we build a school from scratch along with awardees from Egerton University. This gave hope to students and I must say it is among my best fulfilments and humbling moments in my life.

Through the President’s Award, I have managed to make better decisions, improve my skills, learn new things, gain various experiences, continue pushing myself to greater heights, empower and uplift others and interact with great personalities.

When it comes to my work, I would attribute the President’s Award for enabling me gain confidence and improve on my skills in the musical instruments I play. I would consider myself as an artist entrepreneur who deals in music events. By this, I involve myself mostly in performing at events like weddings and parties. I also offer personal basic music classes in saxophone, guitar and piano. This wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the President’s Award.

I indeed made the wisest decision to be part of the award and I owe my success to the President’s Award and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.