Georgina Keen

I was in a group of 7 for my Bronze Award and we only completed our practice expedition due to COVID-19, however, it was a great bonding experience for everyone in our group. We had to learn how to set up a tent and cook together from a trangia (which I had never done before!). One of the memories that I believe was the best was when we had to walk through a small valley of rocky mountains and we took a break just before the checkpoint. We sat in the middle of the valley with a few flowers around and we all have fun just laughing and making jokes about what we were doing. It is a core memory I have of DoE and I will always remember the fun we had during it. Another amazing moment was when we were the first group to set off and we had to wake up at 3:15am to quickly eat croissants, pack up and start walking and it was pitch black and had head torches on that only illuminated 3 feet in front of us and we gradually watched the sun come up and joked about how it was such a surreal experience walking around at 4am with small torches trying to din our way with a map. I would not change my experience for the world! :) (me in the red shirt and backpack in the pic)