I joined the Head of State Award Scheme in Ghana because I felt it consisted of a lifetime of enriching opportunities; Awards (endorsement) and Rewards (Development of Competencies and Skills).

I achieved my Gold Level Award after my Gold expedition traveling a minimum distance of 80km giving me real test of my limit. My continued voluntary community service at the Kaneshie Polyclinic at the records department, outpatient department, mini theater and the recovery wards helped me to appreciate and value human life the more at a time of limited health professionals. I participated in the construction of a three classroom block with ancillary facility for the Atito community in the Volta Region during my residential project.

I introduced the Award at the University of Ghana to expand the reach of the programme. The Award Group undertook community service and development projects to support education in some communities. I provided support towards the creation of an Award Unit at the Senior Correctional Center to transform the young people there through the Award.

I developed my leadership qualities performing various leadership roles in developing the Ghana Award. I became an expedition supervisor, assessor and instructor in first aid, map reading and report writing.

The Award activities undertaken provided an opportunity to learn to be self - reliant, independent, boost my confidence and provided an appreciable understanding of the condition of less privileged Ghanaian. The benefits I derived from the Award has been beneficial to me in the discharge of my tasks and making a positive impact towards Ghana’s development.

The Award transforms young people no matter their background instilling the spirit of patriotism and love for country. It develops competencies in teamwork, communication, creativity, project management and initiative while developing positive attributes of determination, hard work, planning, organizing and perseverance.