Indra Ramdhan Bachtiar

My name is Indra Ramdhan Bachtiar from Indonesia

I started the award in 1997, in doing so I encountered many challenges. From starting to exercise which is a little annoying because I'm not used to doing it. Until the implementation of the Skills that spur me to be better every week. However, this was passed until finally in October 1999 we had the opportunity to become a "Gold Holder", after that the basic idea of ​​this Award really amazed me with the opportunity given so it spurred me to participate in character building at the City and Provincial levels.
After participating in ALT in 2010, it further strengthens my determination to play a role in the community regarding the usefulness of the award that I experienced in 1997.

Until now, Purna Paskibraka Indonesia, Bandung City is still and will continue to carry out this Award because it has made a positive contribution to the participants who participated in it.

Thank you DofE Intaward for his role in shaping the positive character of young people around the world.