Jane Mwanzia

My name is Jane Mwende Mwanzia currently doing my gold under Egerton university unit. I joined president's award in 2018 when I was in first year got to learn about the award through a friend who had done the programme in high school. The voluntary service section has been the most impactful for me. I grew up being an introvert I loved indoor activities, this was comfort zone, through doing activities to service my community have developed my social skills.

The award has made me realize I can impact my community by identifying a gap and challenging myself to help reduce it. The skill section of the award made me learn knitting, crocheting and art and craft and now am learning how to play a guitar, this are skills I admired and wished to learn but never had a platform to help me manage my time and be accountable to. Physical recreation section helps me keep fit and for those who never got to join any school team during games competition we get an opportunity to play a game we liked and with time be good at it.

The adventurous journey section builds team work. My first experience was tough but thanks to my group I have fun memories of the Aberdare journey. The award is balanced we get to be prepared for life after our studies, the skills supplement our career courses. The groups we have during the adventurous journey help us learn to live with others, physical recreation activities helps us work on our health.

Thanks to the award I am world ready. I also got a chance during my silver level for my video to be shared during the WF dinner last year, it was an amazing opportunity that I got because of the award, the exposure have had thanks to the award is one thing am ever grateful for.