Khadiga Abouslima

Last year i was a bronze participant currently i am a bronze holder, silver participant and award leader when i first entered the award i just wanted the certificate because i was told that it will help with my college application but when i started my journey i fell in love with what i am doing i took sign language as my skill and it was truly hard but as i was learning i felt that i was doing something that could help make a difference in the future and as for the volunteering i never used to go out and help directly but i could do that through the award and witness the change i was making and the sport just made my life healthier and with a new amazing habit of doing a sport at least once a week and don’t get me started on the AJ it was one of the most memorable journeys of my life and the first time to travel alone without any family members we got lost and we found our way it was exhausting but at the end very satisfying.

The next year after i became a holder I decided to become an award leader to get other people to go through this experience and have those amazing feelings i went through during my award time and throughout decided to become a silver participant to make many more memories to cherish.

The award changed my life in many aspects in which i hope many other young people get the chance to experience