liam davies

I started my Award in grade 8. If not for the Award I would never have signed on for Acoustic Guitar. I discovered I have an aptitude for music. Who knew? Because of the Award, I not only performed twice in front of an audience but I wrote original songs for each! I was terrified but I set and achieved that goal.
I selected swim as part of my 'Recreation' section and have since competed provincially in Lifesaving Sport and am now in possession of a Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard, Lifesaving Instructor and many other Marine Certificates I never dreamed of having. Who knows where these qualifications will lead me down the road. Somewhere great no doubt!
Through my Adventurous Journey's I have had not only the most incredible challenges but have been in the craziest situations: capsized canoes, hurricanes, insects, the 'Thunder Box' (don't ask.) It gives me a good chuckle when I think back. Good times. Stories for the grandkids one day. I'm sure they'll grow taller with each telling.
The Award has given me the courage to try things I've long dreamed of doing like rappelling and sailing. I'm now an advanced sailor. Being in the Navy, maybe the Duke would be proud of me.
Choosing to do my 'own' challenges, twice I've raised money for kids doing their D of E Award.
I, like many in 2020, had to readjust my Award direction. From swim I went on to hiking and have discovered the most breathtaking places. I
researched new places to explore and the history of those areas. As you can imagine I have learned so much about the founding of this Country and the people who settled here working their fingers to the bone. I have since joined several environmental societies. This new direction also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my parents. The funny memories from those long hikes with my great grandfather Corp's twisted ol' walking stick will stay with me eternally!
Thank you Duke for making my dreams come true!

Goodnight Dear Prince,
Phillip, Duke of D