Lutchmee Tillousing

My journey with the Duke of Edinburgh’s international award was like a roller coaster ride; full of adrenaline. I started in my teenage as a participant where not only i got to learn to be self dependent but also bonded with my now best friends. I certainly developed the survival skills and other attributes but what marks me most is the close connection i made among friends, strangers and nature itself. I got to discover and appreciate the beauty of my island,Mauritius, and of its people. The journey didn’t stop here. Together with my friends we continued as award leaders and award supervisors voluntarily to help the upcoming generation of the DofE family to enjoy the journey as much as we did. I also got the opportunity to meet gold award holders of all age in Africa through the ‘Walk Around Mauritius’ event organised by the Gold Award Holders’ Association of Mauritius. Each one of us had an exciting story to share. Each journey counts as special. I’m grateful to be in the DofE family and i encourage the youth to participate in the program. I’m #worldready.