Margaret Yurek

While completing my Adventurous Journey I faced many physical challenges that pushed me harder than ever before. My group and I trudged through snow and created Quinzees while carrying our day packs. For the next two nights we camped out and slept in the snow. The preparation for this journey was great and allowed me to learn many y responsibility and organizational skills. These were incomparable to the mental struggles throughout the journey that allowed me to improve as a person. I have found that I have become more resilient and have developed a stronger mental voice that does not allow me to fail. These abilities cross over into other aspects of my life such as my schooling and activities, allowing me to thrive. The people I have met on this journey were friends that I will keep for life and leaders who I will forever remember their lessons and values. I have nothing but gratitude to offer the late Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh for creating an environment that has allowed me for these great and life changing experiences.