Marina Nessem

I don't have a great story to speak about in the award but what I want to share is what I have learned from it, the award learned me a lot; it learned me how to manage my time, how to do more than one thing in the same day with good quality, how helping others is a very important thing to do in my life, how physical activities are important to living healthy, fit and how it improves my mental skills & my concentration in studying. There is a small achievement which I am proud of:
My physical section was cycling. In my first 3 weeks in cycling, I realized that there is no improvement in my performance, and I was disappointed and I decided that I want to change and choose another sport but then when I went the training for the fourth time I said " Marina you can do that you are a good learner and you can learn that " in that day I rode the bike without help and I was over the moon with that and I can not describe how I was glad. Maybe it is not a great thing but for me, that changes a lot in my way of thinking as I decided to be always positive and want to try new things and to get over my fear in everything not just cycling. Another thing which I have learned in my English course ( skill section ) I have learned that speaking languages is important and it became one of my passions to learn more than one language. By the way, being in a supportive community and people who always help me to be better was a great thing for me as they support me in many things and I have learned from them in many ways.
I want to thank" The Duke Of Edinburgh" for making that great award which helps youth a lot. Rest in peace prince " Philip ".