Maximilian Mako

I joined the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award before I turned 15. From that moment, I progressed through all three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. I challenged myself at every level by continually setting higher goals.

As part of activities for the community, I helped in a dog shelter, walked dogs and helped with a charitable fundraiser to ensure the breeding and training of guide dogs.
Thanks to the project with the Roma youth, I developed my acting and musical skills, and, at the same time, through joint theatrical performances, including a presentation at TEDxBISB 2019, I helped my peers lose prejudice against the Roma community.
I am very proud that my community project at the Gold level of International Award is longer lasting. For the St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava, I recorded an English guide, which allows thousands of tourists visiting Bratislava to learn about one of the most important cultural and historical monuments of the city.

With a smile, I always remember all the practice and qualification journeys.
Thanks to them, I can survive outside my room, withstand freezing temperatures in the tent and cope with the heat and high waves in a kayak at sea. I know what it is like to work in a team. To fight together during difficult situations, but also to laugh together and enjoy joint success.

Thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, over the course of five years, 2015-2019, I achieved, learned and did a lot. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to master all the levels and become a member of a large family of people worldwide, created by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Thank you, Prince Philip.