Monique Andjelic

The Award has provided me with so many amazing memories but recently with some other participants we were able to undertake our silver award hike at Wilsoms Prom. It was one of the most astonishing experiences because we were able to be one with nature, learn more about the environment around us and learn how to work together to navigate the area. It has given me a passion for hiking and exploring the outdoors, and the award is what caused me to come to this realisation as it provided me with the initial opportunity to better myself and others around me.
The award has allowed me to make so many new friends and form new leadership skills and I am very thankful to have started it.
I also have been lucky enough to assist in raising money for a variety of charities to not only benefit myself but the wider community. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences as I have been able to meet like minded people who are passionate about specific charities, and happy to share their past experiences, even if they are tough.
I am extremely thankful that all of these experiences were provided to me, just through my participation of the award. I look forward to many more memories and experiences of making a difference and having fun! :)