Moshe Bitman

In 2007, I met Prince Edward as part of my implemetation of DofE in the education system of the world WIZO (world international zionist weman) organization.
Dufing a visit to one of the schools, he asked one of the studens who is active as an instrutor in the youth movement, why she us olso active in DofE.
She replied: 'The Hshomer Hatzair youth movement, I volunteer and invest my time also at the expense of my studies and hobbies. And I have never asked
what happens at school, what I do for myself and more.....
The DofE program is the only one that take care of me, and helps to devlop my skills to make sure I do exercise and all this in harmony, with volunteering
and contributing to the community.'
Her answer was also for me an Archimedes point for the implementation
the DofE program.
And I also realized that the program also suits me even though I was 66 then.
Since I led the DofE for 14 years in which there were hundreds of gold medal holders. Each one and his personal story. one of them, Diana who immigrated to Israel from Ukraine at the age of 14. She learned the new language, joined the DofE. excelled in her studies and said at the bronze stage that she wanted to be in a position of influence in the Israel society. she currently studying foreign languages and international relations.
Represented with her friend from the Druze community, the Israeli DofE at a public event in London sponsored and attended by Prince Edward the grandson of Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh founder of the DofE.
as a veteran educator, I looked for a challenge and I found the great DofE program. Today after 14 years I retired from public activity and I am proud that DofE has taken root and touch thousands Jewish, Muslim, Christian youth, religious and secular.
The DofE is an inspirational model in a fragmented and polarized Israeli society.
We thank you Prince Phillip for the legacy you have given the world.