Neelam Narayen

Special tribute to Prince Philip - With your vision and mission, you have inspired me to always thrive to be the best person i can be. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award has helped shaped who i have become - a Leader!

The reason for enrolling was to spend days with my friends. Turns out that it became my life goal and purpose!
Through the years, I had the chance to get to know many country, build basic survival tricks (pitching a tent, lighting a fire...), becoming resilient and perseverant. Via the service section, i got to serve others and this is instilled in me for life. And the skill section has moulded me to become a learner and develop new skills on a daily basis.

After completing the Gold, one would think "what's next"!

For me, it was joining The Gold Award Holders Association -Mauritius as a member, to become the secretary and currently the auditor. I helped organise the 3rd Walk Around Mauritius edition.

I have been very lucky to be selected to represent Mauritius at the International Gold Event in Czech Republic in 2017, where i have had the chance to sit and dine next to Prince Edward and to have an amazing chat about law and career with Lord Boateng.

I also participated, in Malaysia and Kenya, to the Gold Award International Network-GAIN (project idea originating from 3 amazing Gold Award friends).

If I have to list the leaders that inspired me, the 2000 characters wont suffice. Hence other than the 2 leaders mentioned above, i would call out to Prince Philip, all the Gold Award Holders i have met, Patricia Achille- Award Officer(it all started with you), my mum, my uncle and amazing colleagues.

The Award for me is all about the body, mind, heart and soul. It gave me a second family- "the Award Family". I vouch again today to continue to live by those principles and to continue to make the world a better place.

Rest in peace Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

Neelam Narayen- Bronze,Silver and Gold Award