Olga Opuwari

It's been a worthwhile experience indeed with the award. I learnt how to adapt to places easily because of our adventures. It built in me the tenacity to survive any where i find myself and the urge to make friends too. The friendship i formed during my years of the programme have grown till date leaving one with contacts all over my country and now globally. It is a programme that builds young people to be prepared for the challenges ahead in life and also the importance of teamwork for no one is an island. We used to watch out for each other whenever we're out on adventures or exploration. I remember once we got a flowing stream moving from one point to another and we had someone who was scared of water we had to encourage the person to overcome the fear before we proceeded putting the person in the middle. On arrival the person was happy cause it was a victory for her. I look forward to more international adventures cause at every stage there's still more to learn and experience.