Pakinam Beksawy

‏I learned a lot from my participation in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award

‏firstly ,to be able to complete multiple tasks ‏and know how to organize my time for priorities. Not all of them should be excellent, but at least accomplish them in the best way for me.

Secondly, I learned to adapt to anything under any situation, and one of the most important examples is my participation in the award in the period of the Corona pandemic, which was an opportunity to know more about myself and my capabilities , and here I am know a holder

Third, knowing how to be an influential and productive person even if I am young in age. Because the more important than your age is your knowledge, and your thinking to improve yourself and those around you

Fourth, and for me is the most important thing to get to know people of different ages, ways of thinking, and educational majors, and to share our opinions and ideas .... and this was a new experience for me especially because all of my social life was limited to the scope of school and family, nothing more, and honestly I never imagined that I would get to know this number of individuals from governorates, but also different nationalities, and most importantly, different mentalities, cultures and thinking.

Briefly , I can say that I remained a person richer in experiences and knowledge , but in a fun and balanced way, and this may only happen with my participation in the award ... and I cannot hide that I faced many difficulties during the period of the pandemic

Such as changing my goal more than once and struggling to find assessors and my many attempts to adapt to work and CONTINUE from home

But in return for this I became a person with experience and knowledge and I can adapt to any environment and my belief is that I can do anything even if it is under pressure.