Peter Kaye

When you meet a man who sweeps you along with his vision, enthusiasm and presence., you never forget him. My first meeting with HRH The Prince Philip, was after a Gold Award ceremony in Sydney in 1980. I was one of the organisers and at the end of the proceedings we were assembled to wave him off. He spotted us and came over and took the time to thank each of us. Over the years I realised this was the mark of the man. Personable, knowledgeable and especially interested in engaging with young people. Realising thatbI had only completed my Silver Award he challenged me to do me gold. As I observed over the years, HRH was particularly effective in challenging people or quietly asking someone "could I ask your assistance to ......, and please keep me updated" Well, I went on to complete my Gold and for the next 40+ years became a volunteer Award Leader, Assessor, committee member, advisor International Council member and a National Director/CEO. Its has been an honour to be of service in achieving HRH's vision.