Peter munyiri

I was introduced to the award by my German teacher Mureke Esther Kuria who is also our leader in the awards at our school Nyeri high school. This was immediately after I joined high school.

As were being introduced to the awards I was bothered with the name The Duke of Edinburgh And I had to ask. Well I got my answer that he was the one who founded the awards.

The award has been very helpful in life. I have learnt many skills, giving back to the community by volunteering etc. I have learnt to survive and conquer. That many challenges and difficulties may come in your life but you must try think work and do anything possible to defeat them. I learnt this During an expedition in a forest in Kenya The Aberdare forest. We went through a lot but we still reached our destination by Putting our skills together as a team. I was very proud of my team.

The awards have placed me in the society and am proud to be a participant of this award. It is indeed a loss to us loosing our founder; The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. We shall forever remember his work and love to the young people. May he rest in peace