Rogini Murthen

The demise of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh's, Prince Philip has left myself and the award community with a big hole in our hearts.

As an award leader and assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (Mauritius), I will never forget how the Award Programme has changed my life and how it has touched the lives of so many young people both locally and internationally. It's a big loss for the award community undeniably but we will always keep in our hearts and salute HRH the Duke of Edinburgh's for his contributions and work towards the setting up of the award programme for the young people. The guiding principles, values and life-skills inculcated through the award programme have moulded us into better human beings ready to face different communities and the world with a positive orientation and mindset.

I wish to pay tribute and thank you as the founder of the award programme for being so selfless and willing to give a sense of purpose and direction to the youth. You've left a legacy behind which is immeasurable.