Sharon Rita

My name is Sharon Rita. I come from Kenya. I am raised in a humble family of single mother. I grew up a very timid young girl. I would not defend myself amongst my peers and would not bother having friends. I would spend most of my time with the elderly in my place helping them out and learning from their wise sayings.
When I joined high school, things were different. It was vivid you had to find you place, your study mate, play mates and a sense of belonging. I had a hard task adjusting. However immediately I enrolled into the award program in my school I began opening up before noticing I was made group leader, church leader and grew more into leadership positions.

In the university, that is Egerton university, I had the biggest transition moment for me as a person. My self esteem grew tremendously. I have discovered my purpose and working towards meeting my goals. I achieved my goal of completing the award and now helping my fellow students achieve theirs as a volunteer and Unit's ORB Manager.

The program has provided opportunities for me that I thought I never would. In 2019,i had a chance to give my impact story during the Africa Regional Conference in Uganda. That was a big moment for me, The skills I learnt during the award have enabled me earn a living and to an extent support my family at large. I had a chance to visit China for a period of one month being an excellent student. Today, I serve in the university student council, thanks to the leadership empowerment I obtained in the award. I am an inspiration to so many girls and boys in my area and especially in my village. I am a testimony that when you put great determination, persistence, patience, hope, perseverance and hard work, then you truly will achieve your dreams. I love serving my community in different capacities. I don't hold back when called upon. Currently I am volunteering as a therapist with Ready Aiders Foundation which offers free therapy and food drive to autism children. May the Award live on.