Stephen Mayero

The award has really helped me in many ways. It has helped me appreciate team work ever since we were placed in groups by our unit leader Mr Serem David. The award has helped me to challenge myself physically by doing workout every morning and enjoying every little thing I do moreover it has helped me to understand the true meaning of giving back to the society by just doing small thing which in the end it might be bigger in someone else's eyes.

President Award has also changed me in the way of accepting every other persons uniqueness and not to judge other opinion for they are right in there own way.

PA has helped me be a better leader than I was before since it shows me guidelines in my own thinking , servicing and working . PA has given me the strength and the mentality of not giving up in anything I choose to do like on our adventurous journey in Nandi hill, we were all tired but we got strength and helped each other to reach at the check point. The best part I enjoy about PA everyday is the fact of it being a non competitive movement.

I have been inspired by my unit leader Mr Serem who is always leading us and telling us to be better people in the society.

I remember we had a challenge in my first expedition which was in Kerio valley where one of my team mates in charge of making breakfast made us tea which had a lot of sugar but as a team we asked the other group to kind of mix the teas so that it won't be that sugary. I have made friends since I joined PA and they are nice guys. Besides, when I was joining Kabarak university I was worried of getting friend but when I asked about PA and the leader showed me around I got other friends.

The skill I chose to do was public speaking and am happy since it has helped me in my class work presentations. I am thankful for what PA has helped me to be.