Tanvir Singh Sabharwal

What started as a weekend get away later changed my life upon completing the Gold Award.

Being the group leader during the Gold Expedition showed me just how much your decisions and actions influence your team, always lead from behind is the lesson I learnt from this.

Upon completion of the Gold Award I was tasked with receiving the Gold Certificates from HE Mwai Kibaki, our Past President at State House Nairobi and I was honored to meet one of the members of the Royal family.

This encouraged me to do more and prepare the coming generations for the future and become a Life Member of the Award Holders Alumni Kenya (No. 72) and inspire the future award teams by becoming a Volunteer and Assessor for the Award in Kenya.

I can say my life completely changed after going through the award and I am World Ready. Whenever any task is presented before me I instantly remember the Golden Rule we were taught, "Defeat is just a state of the mind" and it helps me find a solution.

HRH Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh has changed many lives and inspired many generations to lead with excellence and be better people.
His passing has come as a huge shock but his name shall forever be imbedded in our hearts for the tremendous job he did by starting the Award.
We stand together to remember him and celebrate his life.

On behalf of the North Rift Presidents Award Scheme members and leaders and my entire family, I would like to pass our sincere condolences to the Family of the Late Duke. We pray that more people around the world shall continue to follow in his footsteps and make his dream come true.