"the Apple never falls far from the tree"

My name is Abdulsalam Toheeb Olabisi, looking back into this journey, it all started during my senior secondary school days, SSI to be precise, I have no other choice than to be a part of this award program because my father has always been an award winning leader in person of Mr Saheed Abdulsalam. Such a great quality worthy of emulation.

My aim was targeted towards achieving the gold medal award after being introduced to the bronze award, this has charged me to putting more efforts and focusing on the gold. Our first trip was held at NYSC orientation camp, Iyana ipaja. That was the journey of being a leader because it was a leadership camp.

The award has helped my physical, mental, emotional, and social life. It has made me stretch, reached some horizons I couldn't have reached on my own, it has made me enlarge my coast, and this, I am really grateful and happy for. I don't not take it for granted.

Basically, when I was told to choose an activity each for the five sections of the award. I was a bit skeptical about the physical aspect, so I went over to choose something new which was "martial art". The physical section has took me out to many places and won many medals being a karateka.

I was opportuned to be a bronze award winner on the 20th August, 2016, when I received the award from the Secretary of the award "John May", he said and I want to quote, hoping that I quote him correctly. "being ready to meet each day, head on; ready to learn, ready to adapt, ready to question, ready to be questioned ; ready to lead, ready to follow ; ready to stand up for other and for what is right ; ready to do the right thing - always ;ready to work, ready to play, ready to laugh, ready to cry" so I know i am to continue with the award program regardless of the circumstances, obstacles and what have you.

I could remember vividly that about 600 young people set out for the award and now 14 has the gold.