Alexander Nartey

It has been a wonderful experience participating in the Award Program. The Award gave me the platform to unearth my potentials and made me believe in myself. The training I got from the Award has been a unique one and can never be acquired in the mainstream or formal education settings. The Award equipped me with a life skill that has empowered me to face every challenge that comes my way.

My first encounter with HRH Prince Philip was in Edinburgh in 2006, where I spoke at the Internation Award Forum. I shared my story on how the Award has impacted my life and had equipped me to be a better person to serve my generation. My speech made a great impression on the audience, including HRH Prince, and Prince Edward later invited me to speak on his behalf at St. James' Palace.

A year later, I met Prince Philip at Kensington Palace for dinner. HRH Prince Philip walked to me said, "here is the young man who shared his story last year at the Award forum. Thanks for your story". The Duke remembered my story. I believe he felt proud that his initiative has made a lasting impact on many young people everywhere.

Rest In Peace, HRH Prince. The young people are indeed grateful for such a great initiative that is transforming many lives.

Thank you.