Anish Luitel

I first came to know about The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in 2013. I was a Scout Leader in Nepal. I took the DOE Award leader training and decided to enroll myself in the Gold Award. For my Adventurous Journey part of the Award, I decided to climb Mt.Everest .

My first attempt at climbing Everest was on 25th April 2015 in which I had to face the massive avalanche at Everest due to the earthquake in Nepal. My climb was a failure for the first time. When the Earthquake struck I was at Camp II of the Everest region.

I was rescued and the very next day, I came back by helicopter to Lukla and arrived home after four days of walking. When I got back home I again took an active part in volunteering with the scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Being a Award leader and award participant I decided to give Everest another try. My fellow mates, friends, family members, friends from Award family were the main motivating factors for my decision. Everest, the highest peak of the world, itself was a big challenge but as an Award participant I summited Mt.Everest twice from both the North Side in 2016 and the South side in 2018 and carried with me both the flag of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award both times to the top of the world.

I had the privilege in 2017 to share my Everest climbs as a Gold Award holder at Windsor Palace during the World Fellowship dinner. I can proudly say that "I was able to reach my goal to be a Mountain climber because The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award gave me a path to achieve it.”

Since that time, I have been able to promote the benefits of the award to those in Nepal, United Kingdom and the United States. I have furthered my award leader training in the United States to give me additional tools to help others around the world in completing their Award journey.