Barbara Mwende

My name ia Barbara mwende from Egerton University Kenya. I am a current participant at the silver level. To be honest I wanted to enjoy myself by going out for adventures when I joined the president's award. I got assessors who really encouraged me and to rake my award seriously. I got to choose something I didn't know about and I chose to do Spanish. I enjoy learning new languages so I didn't have a difficult time understanding spanish. From that spanish I learned while doing the award I was able to earn money by tutoring online, transcribing and also translating. The award developed my self confidence and I would freely amd happily speak in from of Spanish speaking people. This also made me make friends. Besides, I also got a chance to keep fit because I had created time for it. The award has therefore helped me in time management. I appreciate my assessors, award leaders, patron and most of all the founder of the award HRH the Prince. May his soul rest in eternal peace. I will never forget what I have achieved in life because of him. My mom is also living a stress free life because I get to pay my fees and sometimes manage her bills. Thanks to the award. I will keep on pushing myself harder and encouraging fellow youths to see the importance of the award. I am World Ready.