kim brislane

Being a part of the Award family for ten years truly was one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences of my life. I hold each memory dearly and the honour of the role was never lost on me.

I was lucky to work along side HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh on a number of occasions and will always remember his fierce intelligence, his grace and his humour. What a joy it was to work within his orbit. Saying goodbye to him will be incredible hurdle for his global family and he will be deeply missed.

I often use the saying 'no-one is bigger than the game' but in this case, I suspect HRH may prove me wrong. He was a giant and his extraordinary spirit resides in the millions of 'Duke of Ed' participants, volunteers and staff around the world. That collective power truly is an unstoppable force of positive change.

Kim Brislane, ex CEO The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Australia