Dilushika Lakshani De Silva

I'm Lakshani from Sri Lanka .

I believe that everything we do leads us to the destination of where we are supposed to be in life, as long as we never give up and continue to preserve and follow our passion.

I followed my teacher training course at Mahaweli National College of Education from 2014 to 2016. It was a great challenge for me to handle all the course works at the college and engage in the activities of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award programme as a prospective awardee. We had our practice journey and qualifying journey in the same week with our internal exam. It really was a great challenge for me but somehow I managed to complete my Diploma in Teaching successfully as a Merit holder and to be a Gold awardee in 2019.

The experiences I gained from this award changed my entire life.

In addition, I got the chance to be a member of the first team representing Sri Lanka in the exchange programme of awardees of South Asian Pacific Region to visit Nepal in 2017. The experiences I have collected from this journey are worth for a lifetime.

So finally ,I only have to say that, this award changed my entire life!!!