Laban Kipkorir

I can still remember vividly with nostalgic memories, our English teacher Miss Emmah Ngure, the then award leader Nairobi school, "probably just another club to keep me busy!" I thought as I listened throughout the speech on the Founder and the Award, little did I know that my experience would be beyond what I imagined.

The leadership skills, the need to always be better and do better, I have travelled more than 200kms for my adventurous journey, I have learnt on how to bond with persons, how to understand each person as a team and my experience here in campus has taught me how to organise events, how to communicate, how to approach life positively and how to present myself in a unique way. It has taught me how to commit and meet deadlines.

It has brought more fun and added another family to me and it has constantly challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, it has also ignited a passion of community service and a true belief that the young person's can change the world!

Your legacy lives, and I do wish I had a chance to tell you Bravo! In person as you have changed more.
Fare thee well, we shall meet someday.

Laban Kipkorir.
Volunteer Kabarak University.