Fanice Makale

I'm a bronze holder and currently doing my silver level at the university of Eldoret unit in Kenya. At first i was attracted to the award by the physical activities and conservation projects which include community service as they helped me unwind from the tedious school work, reduce tension and stress and generally made me happy.

Before I joined the award I was shy, introverted, timid and disliked large groups. On joining the award, the then leaders engaged me in various talks and always encouraged me to talk and socialize. The election period arrived and I decided to apply for a treasure position, something I've never done in my life despite being interested due to timidity. Luckily I was elected. Honestly, this was the beginning of my transformation as the role made moulded me into a courageous, strong, expressive, organized and social individual. And I really love the person that I finally became.

The adventurous journeys taught me the importance of team work, perseverance, unity, focusing on the main goal despite the challenges faced. It also enabled me to visit and explorer places that I would have probably never set my foot on. The physical activities enabled me maintain a healthy body and keep mind and body active. My team members also enabled the activities to be fun, happy and educated. I also commend my Award Leader, Madam Kaburi, for her courage, attitude, positive energy, eloquence, determination, hard work, cooperation and career journey that she shared to us during her occasional visits. With that, she motivates me and is one of my role models.

The award has had a great positive impact in my life all round.