Nkateko Emily Mabasa

Ms Valentyn, introduced the award to me in May of 2008. Immediately I enrolled in order to challenge myself & to be become a better version of myself, little did I know that taking the opportunity would change my entire life forever. I am a Gold Award holder & I still volunteer with the award whenever I can. Doing all three levels has truly taught me a lot about myself over the years. I never felt alone or pressured to complete my journey in the required time. It took me 5 years to obtain my levels altogether, whilst most individuals can complete them in 2 years.

Today, I am a beautiful, confident, courageous, independent, strong and passionate young lady because of kindness I gave back in my community through the service, the strength I gained on these adventurous journeys, all the knowledge I acquired through the skills I learned & the health I accomplished in my physical recreation activities. I've grown in ways I wouldn't have imagined. 2021 marks 13 years being a part of this global, loving family. For someone who comes from the oldest & poorest community (Alexandra township) in South Africa I know that not many opportunities exists there so the award has broadened my mind & inspired my dreams to achieve greatness in my community.

I even got to meet the Duke of Edinburgh twice in my lifetime and I am most grateful that I was always encouraged to do my best, regardless of living with a disability (Cerebral palsy) I am super proud of myself, looking back at how one decision opened thousands of doors & afforded me countless opportunities...I can't thank the HRH Duke Prince Philip enough for establishing this award to instil good values in the youth many years ago and in the youth of today. His legacy will continue forever as the award has proven to be life-changing & my life is proof that.

Rest in peace HRH Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, you will be greatly missed & never forgotten.