Gladys Jepchumba

The award has impacted my life greatly in terms of my social well-being, physical fitness, influence in the society and developing talents I never knew I had. As for the voluntary activity I did tree planting. One of the challenges facing the world nowadays , especially Africa, is environmental problems such as depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, desertification of the environment and land degradation. Solving this environment problems has to start with us, the youths, and this can be done by educating and mobilizing the people to plant trees and be aware of the environment.

Thanks to the award for helping me be more creative and aware of my capabilities, it's through the award that I was able to influence and help people in my community to plant trees. Through this award i got to learn to relate with people well, create more friendship and influence other people positively. Endurance is also another thing that I got to learn from the award, challenges are there and the important thing is how we handle them. I plan to utilize well all the skills I got from the award. I ventured into crafts as a skill and I've leared a lot am also using this skill to to earn money.