Lenin Manga

I was introduced to the Award at United States International University- Africa (USIU-A) in my Sophomore year. In an instant, I was in love with the outside world; the explorations and expeditions. I embarked on my Silver Award & my Gold Award thereafter. By the time I was graduating I was the Award Leader in the University.

The Award helped me discover myself at an early age. The life skills gained have helped me circumnavigate through life. I learnt the art of survival, shared responsibility, service and self-reliance. After graduating, I continued to be of service to the Award as a Volunteer and I was awarded the Life Membership Award by our President, H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who is the Patron of the President's Award- Kenya, the Kenya chapter of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

I always strive to push myself to go over and beyond my call of duty. I challenge people to push beyond their limits and lead by examples, virtues I learnt in the Award. My most remarkable expedition was conquering Mt. Kenya. It was quite demanding yet the most fulfilling of all. As a volunteer of the Award then, I had to put my best foot forward and take charge of my team. The camaraderie formed during the expeditions have clearly stood the test of time.

Growing up I was passionate about serving in the British Army. I missed the chance but as fate would have it, I serve my Government in a different capacity and it is as equally fulfilling. I was recently appointed as a Board of Trustee, a humbling fete at my age. I am always ready to serve and I believe I can conquer all that life throws at me as long as I put in the effort and focus demanded of me.

The Award equipped me for life. Thank you our Founder for giving us a platform to discover ourselves. A platform to make a difference for ourselves, our communities, our country and the world.

Let us all take after the tenets of the Award and be the change so much needed in the world.
Soldier on HRH, The Duke of