Meilia Natalia

I was once unable to adapt, unsocial, and loner. I am just too young at that time, till I found the DofE award at my school. I start to think, what I am good at, what I can do, and what is my passion.
When I found the answer, I build up my dream. I learn how to cook, I learn how to speak other languages, I learn to serve people, I learn to adapt to the wild environment, and met with amazing people during my residential project that becomes my second family.

I am growing into a person that I never imagined before. I keep exploring and enjoy every trip. I keep learning and enjoy the process. I once want to give up but then waken. I keep put Faith in it.

I pull off the limit and keep growing. I finished the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award. I am so proud, I was able to compete with myself and finish the race. I am gaining the bravery and pursuing my degree abroad, far from home.
I had a chance to join International Gold Event in Prague and met amazing people. I won't forget every moment I made throughout this award and will share this story with my future children, even to my future grandchildren.