John Pascoe

I have worked as a Judge and in the International Human Right’s for many years. The award is unique in that it offers every young person regardless of background or circumstances the opportunity to build self-esteem, resilience and contribute to the community. There is no competition with others – simply an opportunity to improve yourself. The award is timeless and offers the same benefits today that it offered at the time it was first developed.

I first met HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh through the award and I had the privilege of serving as an international trustee for a period when HRH chaired our meetings. He was an excellent chairman. Most importantly he was absolutely committed to the integrity of the award and to ensuring that it was available to as many young people throughout the world as possible. He was a man of vision, integrity and great capacity for leadership. One of the most authentic people I ever met.

Prince Philip leaves a real enduring legacy to all members of the Commonwealth and the wider international community.