Muhamed Maher

I was in a mess for my last 6 years, feeling depressed, tones of work as a teacher to survive financially, I had no time to feel that I am a real human, I was working 16 hours a day... then I read about the Award, searched a lot about the philosophy of the award, I got the full image that life is not all about working hours and deadlines, it is about “BALANCE”, hence I decided to volunteer as a helper as I was 29 so I couldn’t be a participant, then I felt so much energetic and enthusiastic with my first team, I was doing the three section with them, going to gym, learning a skill which is cooking, doing voluntary just as they do.. after 6 months I was a totally new version of me, I could perfectly live a balanced life I could manage my work, my hobbies and my time to monitor my first bronze team, then I was nominated to be a certified leader and eventually I did it and became an officially certified leader to deliver the award in my area under the umbrella of Life Makers Foundation. Now I am the leader of a team of 10 silver participants ️ A successful teacher and an excited volunteer who can enjoy life mad work and have a free time too, thanks to the Award’s philosophy ️
From Egypt with love
Moe Maher -LMF