Sue Clegg

Part of completing my Gold Award included a Residential on board the Educational Cruise ship, S.S. Uganda (of Falklands fame). It was only my 2nd time abroad but opened up a life of adventure and opportunity. Enjoying the freedom of the Expedition section led to applying for Post Gold Expeditions and went to Romania & the Caucasus Mountains in the then Soviet Union, or joined the Caribbean Award Scheme Council with another International Group in Barbados and the Grenadines.

With these experiences behind me I was asked to lead the Birmingham, England contingent in a Triangular Exchange (1982) with Trinidadian participants in the President`s Award, and those from Halifax, Canada. A time of real adventure with vivid stories to tell and build upon as we completed residential, expedition and service projects around the island, with our International friends. Another contrasting opportunity took me across the globe to Hong Kong in 1985 for an International Gold Award Seminar meeting others from around the world that participated in the "Dukes Award" even if under a different name. Other Expeditions have followed, north to Iceland and the Arctic, south to the Falklands and Antarctica, east and west, as well as many within the U.K. training, supervising, and assessing, leading and promoting the Award.

The Award has without doubt played a massively important place in my life. It has been a privilege to meet HRH Prince Philip on numerous occasions, who inspired the Award and took such a keen interest in those involved. Also the many young people, and leaders across the world who have opportunities open to them to change their lives and their world. I was supported, I hope that I have encouraged those that came after me. With the adventures and memories I have, there is also opportunity to share with other audiences to keep them entertained whilst also promoting the possibilities that the Award provides to give hope, challenge, change and rewards to those taking part.