I joined the award in 2010 during my Campus days in Kenyatta University. I was a timid young man who wasn't yet exposed to different environs in my early days in campus. I immediately fell in love with the Award Scheme, when I learnt about it from a poster in the university notice board, more so as it posed challenges that I ought to conquer at the same time being adventurous and fun. Hiking, routine physical fitness, learning new skills such as swimming and chess, and giving back to the community through charity work such as clean ups, donations, and group therapy among other activities.
I got to travel all over Kenya to place I never visited before; Taita Taveta, Machakos, Mombasa,Ngong, Longonot, Bogoria, Abedares Forest, just to mention a few, and I marveled at my motherland's beautiful nature. I got to interact with people from all divides; Kenya being a multi lingual country due to the diverse ethnic backgrounds made up of 43 tribes and numerous sub tribes, and this helped my otherwise quiet introverted nature and became an out spoken person. I got to appreciate people for who they are and this helped me to shun any tribal based stereotypes and misconceptions. I saw all as my brother and sister.
I also had a chance to lead the University Charter as an Assessor and this equipped me with great leadership skills which are in tandem with my operations in my current career path as a Church Minister. I am able to guide the Youth and others in skills that are impactful to their lives and empowering them so that they tap into their innate force and make it work for them and others.
The survival skills I acquired as we trekked through uncharted terrains are applicable even now and have taught me to be an independent thinker, and become a problem solver, and innovator.
This International Award prepared me to be Ready for the World beyond.
Many heartfelt thanks posthumously to the Duke of Edinburgh for the countless life memorable through this engagement.